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Democratizing digital transformation of existing equipment


Our environment is becoming increasingly interconnected: from personal devices to complex systems in industrial settings. The real world and the digital world are converging, and that brings not only new challenges but also new opportunities: changes in value chains, creation of new sectors and new business models.

From 19th century we are surrounding ourselves with all kind of equipment and machines. And in fact, many of these machines around us are fifty or even hundred years old! And all these machines are not digital, they cannot be connected. Even a rather recent, seven- or ten-years old equipment still lives in its disconnected world.


Till now digital transformation solutions required complex equipment upgrades, making automated monitoring of existing machinery and equipment prohibitively expensive to owners and operators.

eyeGauge defines a new approach to affordable digitalization. 


Our mission is to facilitate and democratize the world of Industrial IoT with an easy and affordable access to smart data. To equip our customers with actionable insights that allow them to increase efficiency and create more value and better user experiences.

We create solutions that make digital transformation of existing equipment simple and accessible.

Any equipment

Compatible with virtually any machinery or equipment. No matter how old it is


The number of controlled parameters doesn't affect the price of the solution

Non intrusive

Zero shutdown, no intervention into control systems, easy to install, uninstall and move

Low bandwidth

Consumes very little communication traffic. Can work in batch mode


Turn-key solution from equipment to a dashboard


Data can be stored and visualized on a client's server or in secure Cloud


Our Industries

Maritime Transportation


Commercial maritime transportation is adopting digital transformation very slowly.
The main reason for that is the age of the merchant fleet. It is estimated that 30% of bulk carriers, 50% of container and 70% of general cargo ships in the world are over 10 years old. by eyeGauge is an integral non-intrusive accessible solution for digital fleet performance monitoring. Any ship can become smart. No matter how old it is.

Automated Monitoring
Fuel Savings
Condition Based Maintenance
KPIs and Reporting



Manufacturing sector is at a forefront of the new Industrial revolution with robotized production lines connected factories. Nevertheless utility equipment driving those factories is lagging behind and can benefit from smart digitalization solutions.


Technology developed by eyeGauge allows auxiliary and facility equipment to be digitally transformed in a cost effective way.

Corrosion prevention
Energy savings
Quality control
Liquids and  gases monitoring

Facility Management


We offer an easy to use fully integrated intelligent data collection solution for facility equipment monitoring and maintenance based on a Cloud based “digital twins” platform with a clear subscription-based pricing, accessible to any size of enterprise.

Energy savings
HACPP compliance
Cold chain monitoring

About Us

Founded in 2020, eyeGauge is a team of professionals with years of hands-on experience in high-tech industry and deep knowledge in enterprise software design and development, Big Data, machine learning and AI.

Assisted by our reputable experts with domain specific knowledge we are committed to deliver high quality solutions to our customers in the most efficient and accessible way. Together we are driving the digitalization of the Maritime Transportation!


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